Poonam Mathur
Hockessin, DE
Poonam likes to save lives. When she's not saving lives, she watches Miss Congeniality. When she's not watching Miss Congeniality, she's eating something KeyLime flavored. When she's not eating something KeyLime flavored, she's stalking Jonathan Taylor Thomas...with a pot of honey in hand. We love our Poobear :-)

Amita Berry
San Francisco, CA
Married to a Bollywood star

Raised in the woods of West Virgina, Amita and Meghna spent their childhood eating Breyers Coffee Ice Cream, dissecting gummy bears, and watching Bollywood movies. Amita has upgraded her standards to eating Sushi, dissecting sour patch kids, and reading her Kindle.  She often day dreams of Kirk Cameron. 

Anisha Mathur
Chicago, IL
Ambassador of Purple
Anisha, a Virgo, has a super power to turn anything into a fashion accessory. Who knew stethoscopes and seashells could be runway material? When not busy wearing things (ahem profile pix), she likes to stump the rest of us with medical puns that only Poonam understands and car stories that...well if only you knew.

Astha (Mathur) Goyal
Oahu, Hawaii
Good Wife
In April 2010, Astha married the Pulmonary specialist of her dreams. Immediately after their big day, the newlyweds left for their honeymoon...and have not come back. Rumor has it they were last seen at the Dole pineapple factory in Hawaii. We hope they make it to Delaware...Pineapples Welcome.

Dr. Preeti Subhedar
Atlanta, GA
Seamstress- Humans Only.
Preeti also grew up with Meghna in WVa.  Their fondest childhood moments include Bollywood dance performances at the Community Center, badminton tourneys, & Wimbledon breakfasts with Pete Sampras. These days Preeti spends her days reconstructing faces busted by gun shot wounds. If only she could get her hands on those "Real Housewives..."

Puja Mathur
State College, PA
President, MonkeyBusiness
This quiet little sister doesn't say much, but when she speaks...she only speaks words of wisdom. She is the youngest and by far the wisest of the sisters. We are grateful for our very own ConPujas.

Rachna Mathur
Boston, MA
Salman Khan's only fan; Lawyer
Rachna commands a super power that involves dancing Bhangra and filing taxes...simultaneously. 
When not dancing around taxes, Rachna is dancing around the kitchen in search of cheese.  

Varsha (Mathur) Sharma
Clifton, MD

Varsha and Meghna are one in the same...they are the eldest in their families, crave tart/salty things, love Strawberry Shortcake, and always sit in the front seat of any Rollercoaster.  Varsha's the reliable sister that is always prepared for any situation...machete and water shoes= check!


Matt Pajak
New York, NY
Chairman of Willpower
Matt & Nimish became fast friends at Tufts, and haven't looked back since.  While starting their business careers at TSR, Matt has moved on earning miles & expense accounts by selling words to senior executives. Equally comfortable in a Steelers jersey or suit, we love him for not liking desserts just to make a point - except PIE. 

Aalap Dixit
Ridgewood, NJ
Professional Little Brother
Aalap is a giant - and Nimish apparently forgot that just like he would go through puberty, Aalap would as well.  Aalap loves teeball, cooking, and chatting up about any topic you choose.  He may not know what he's doing or talking about...and you'll never know. Case in point, just ask him how to make salad dressing or fried rice.

Sean Connors
Rochester, NY
Professional Musician & Nice Guy

Giddy-up!  Sean's friendship with Nimish endures from childhood - where Sean's birthday present of a Trek mountain bike prompted a year long soda boycott by Nimish to 'earn' the same.  Whether it's  biking up mountains, impromptu sightings of fire jugglers, or 24 hour visits to NYC, Sean's 'let's just do it' attitude has brought more 'Are you kidding me?" moments than we can count!

Tim Kress-Spatz
Brooklyn, NY
Professional Entrepenur and techie
Tim is in "the know" without realizing it.  Whether it's  bumping shoulders on a party bus with a billionaire CEO, interviewing Ed Koch about movies or pitching his ideas to Mark Cuban, we're glad he still makes time for us little people.  

Kent Berg
Gainesville, FL
Board certified Sleep-Inducer
Kent entered the family and awed us with his hips...and they don't lie.  While Nimish failed to master  any of his moves, he inspired a few living room salsa sessions that must have pulled at Meghna's heart (or not).  When Kent is not auditioning for Dancing with the Stars, he makes sure to keep Nimish's elder sister happy with flowers and chocolates daily.

Mark Ziskis
Lyndhurst, NJ
Musician turned Realist
Mark has known Nimish since the early 80s and remembers every song from that decade.  Mark's ability to send meaningless jokes and links somehow provides  meaning to us each day.  When not offering one-sided baseball card trades, Mark spends his days praying that he is reincarnated as Balki Bartokomous.

Michael Bruneau
New York, NY
Likes Power - a lot...
Mike and Nimish's friendship was born out of a Nimish's realization that befriending a football player helps when you are scrawny.  In turn, Nimish repaid the New Englander with a one- way ticket to the heart of Yankees Universe - NYC.  Mike quickly realized that Nimish's extreme dislike for the Red Sox actually makes it worthwhile to keep him around.  NIM-ISH! NIM-ISH!  NIM-ISH!